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WORKSPACE | London | Margate

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Arthur C. Clarke

WALKABOUT Projection by PRICKIMAGE. #WALKPro is a small sexy HD video projection system, that creates disruptive pop-up performances just about anywhere. Projections can roam free outdoors or indoors with no need for cables or screens, in a way that surprises and delights the onlooker, opening fresh dialogue between environment, narrative and perceptions.

WALKPro3D is manipulated magically by LeapMotion & powered by Unity3D gaming engine allowing real-time interactive control of 3D Logo & 3D Characters. Our technology allows performers to project video and animated characters using portable HD projector systems as they walk among the public at events. The performers manipulate the projected images live, encouraging audience interaction

This sort of technology lends itself to very engaging and creative possibilities when used by teams of performers. Multiple performers with WALKABOUT Projection kits can easily engineer flashmob-style theatrical pop-up, for example.

Having no cables and true portability allows for this kind of spontaneity. This portability is also pointing towards the possibility of powering equipment other than projectors. We are already at the stage where parts of the WALKPro3D kit can be incorporated into a performer's costume. Looking at Wearable Technology and tiny computers, it’s not difficult to see that we will be taking projections into previously-undreamed of spaces.

PRICKIMAGE create playful reactive digital visuals full of intrigue. We are based in London and are continually looking for ways to push technology to create optically intoxicating environments.


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